Dylan K.

“I seriously can’t say enough good things about NYLA, what they were able to do for me is incredible! Everyone was so supportive and available at any time to help me out if needed! NYLA was able to help me get to iPOP! we’re I have received many contract offers for Agents. Everyone involved in NYLA puts 100% into making sure you’re prepared and ready to succeed in this industry. NYLA provided me with some of the greatest training I’ve ever done. Getting to work with professional Actors and Acting coaches was an experience I’ll never forget. I was able to get such great advice and tips on how to make it in this industry. NYLA also gave me the greatest opportunity of my life in having me attend iPOP!. iPOP! is like nothing else in this world, you have the opportunity to audition for Agents, Managers, Record Labels and more. During iPOP everyone at NYLA was by my side making sure I was feeling good and prepared.. anytime I needed them for something they would be right there! NYLA also helps promote you to all the agents there which gives you that much more of a chance of getting a callback!! I seriously can’t thank NYLA enough for everything they’ve done for me. Anyone who’s interested in this industry should highly consider going through NYLA. MUCH LOVE AND THANK YOU!”

— Dylan K.