Emma H.

“It was amazing! I myself went through the program and can I just say, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. I started doing zoom calls a few months in advance of ipop with some amazing coaches who taught me more in a few months than I’ve learned in all my years doing theater (which is a lot of stuff let me just say) it is incredible what they do. I went into ipop with some pretty low expectations of what was actually going to come out of this experience. I ended up getting 13 callbacks and am already in the process of signing with a manager who is amazing! I also made the best friends a girl could ask for! Who knew in just one week I would make new friends who I talk to everyday! While it is a big cost, it is worth every penny spent! What comes out of it is huge! I already have an audition with disney! Nyla and ipop have changed my life for the better. They helped me get on the path of what I want to do with my life!”

— Emma H.